Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fixing some parts

I decided to change one of the connectors to improve the design. The old connector only had one hole on the bottom, which meant that once you took off the top of the box, it could move or wobble. The new connector has two holes on the downwards facing side. This way, the connector won't move or wobble as much when you unscrew the top screw and take off the top of the box.

This meant that I would have to re-machine the walls as well, which I did:

(I messed up with one of the holes, which is why the wall piece on the right has three holes on top. But the extraneous hole will be covered by the connector anyways, so the aesthetics won't be compromised. =])

I also finished making the back wall. The rectangular cutout is for the ports on the Arduino. 

Finally, I cut out some of the L-shaped connectors:
 Tomorrow I will drill holes into them. This is the last part of my project that I have to machine, so after that, all that remains is the assembly (the fun part!). 

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