Thursday, August 16, 2012

Assembly I

Assembly begins! 

Removable Base:
Here's the removable base with the Arduino and Geiger Counter circuit board attached. I have removed the actual tube since it will be placed on top of the box. The two black wires that I've soldered are going to connect to the tube. 

The two green one connect to 5V and GND, and the blue wire is the data wire. 

Note that you can also see the Velcro on the bottom of the base.

The Box: 
The fan is in the back. The cutout is for the Arduino's ports. Note that there is also Velcro on the bottom of the box.

There are two little flanges that act as convenient handles for the box when you want to pick it up and move. The top will also be fastened on these flanges.

Oops! The fan cutout was slightly smaller than the actual fan. But it still looks nice don't you think?

The most complicated part of the box, featuring all of the sensors and their associated circuitry. I've only managed to finish the gas sensors and attach the Geiger Counter tube, the temperature/barometric pressure sensor, and the temperature/humidity sensor.

Everything together: 
It's a wireforest! In a box! No but seriously, once I figure out where everything is placed, i will trim the wires a bit shorter and use some fasteners to make things more organized. 

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