Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Solidworks Parts

The dimensions of the board and pins are estimated; the length and width of the red part (representing the size of the accelerometer) is accurate. All boards are assumed to be somewhere around 1/16in thick. The connector design was based off of a part from the Arduino Mega file. There are also two resistors and some wires soldered onto the perf board but I'm ignoring them in this model.

Barometric Pressure Sensor:
The black connectors are again taken from the Arduino Mega files. Everything else is estimated (on the large side).

Temperature/Humidity Sensor:
Dimensions taken from the datasheet. Some measurements (like the angle of the two slanted cuts and the thickness of the back plate) are estimated. 

Really rough estimate of dimensions for an 1000 micro-Farad capacitor. 

I'm working on the assembly of the box with all the parts inside tomorrow.

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  1. What is the computer configuration required to run Solid works software without hanging?

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