Thursday, July 19, 2012

Putting Everything Together: Part 8

Added the code for the BMA180 Accelerometer to the master sketch, and linked everything together. Note: I didn't have the Geiger Counter at this time because I lent it to someone else for testing code but the connection stays the same and should work as before. Behold! The wire forest has grown:

The devices currently attached on the breadboard are: Photocell, Temperature/Humidity sensor, Optical Dust sensor, Temperature/Pressure sensor, and the Accelerometer.The setup for the Geiger Counter (with the big capacitor) is there but the actual Geiger Counter is currently being used by one of the Indian students who are working here over the summer.

Right, I should have mentioned that there are three students from India working here who are currently developing code for reading values from the Arduino to the Android. One of the students helped me set up the Android SDK and Java/Eclipse environment on my computer. He also gave me some code they had been working on, so I should be able to test my devices using an android from this computer as well. (The Arduino must be connected to the computer as well as the Android). 

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